Microfactory & Lean eCommerce

Your business can now produce small-scale manufacturing by using a Microfactory business model. These use rapid prototyping, fabricating components, and product assembly.

Companies can now imagine the future and build it today. All, thanks to 3D printing and 5G fast speed connectivity.

The Microfactory & the Internet of Things

We now know that the Internet of Things provides more than just monitoring activity. In the coming years, there will be an increase in the use of information technology in making and selling products, which will transform how we do business and manufacture them.


It will also create massive demand for components used to build these products

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Microfactory & 3D Printing

You see,

3D printers are at the core of what Microfactories use to produce components, which helps them have a reliable supply chain.

In this new business model, customers will only need to pay for the products they want. They will then have the opportunity to see the digital version or blueprint of the product inside a virtual store

3D Printing

Therefore, Microfactories can build the products customers want using a 3D printer.

As a first step, the customer will get a digital version of the product, but this digital version won’t be the final product. Once they get the digital version, they will then make modifications and improvements based on their needs.


It All Starts With A Digital Blueprint

The manufacturing cycle may start with an idea or set of ideas provided by the customer. Or a group of pre-made basic models offered by the Microfactory.

The Microfactory will then produce the tangible version of the product. Customers will then specify the quantity of the product they want, the color, and the item’s size. Additionally, customers will have the chance to select accessories as well.


Customization on Steroids


Customers will also be able to specify the material, dimensions, functionality, and accessories. They will likely decide on their own whether they want – for example – a gold model or a silver one, or if they wish to order a yellow or a lime green digital camera. Or if they desire to engrave their name on their sunglasses.

It will allow them to create customized, one-of-a-kind products that stand out. 

Industry 4.0

It doesn’t stop there;

They can request a yellow espresso machine, an engraved golf club, to name a few ideas. So they will be able to choose the model, the color, or the specifications they want.

Or, they can go with the basic model the Microfactory offers.

Industry 4.0

Customers will be able to make modifications and also improvements based on their requirements. This new business model will allow customers to customize the product they want to look as they want it. And it will even be possible to make changes based on their personal experience. 

eCommerce Platform

Using Microfactory to Maximize the Customer Experience

In the new Microfactory model, customers will not only be able to make modifications they want. But, they will also get provided with all the information about the products they have bought.

In short, it will be possible for them to customize the product they want. Or, if they wish, go for the basic one offered by the Microfactory. 

In summary, this new business model allows customers to use all the features of the products they have bought. But, they can also improve and customize the product according to their needs and fit their lifestyle.

4th Industrial Revolution

Now It’s Your Turn

So that’s it for my guide to Microfactory | A Lean Store eCommerce

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

  • Which strategy from this guide are you going to try first?
  • What are your plans for your Microfactory local store?
  • Do you already own an Offline Retail Store or an eCommerce one? (do tell!)

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