Learn exactly how to use the Direct-to-Consumer Manufacturing activity to dramatically improve efficiency and Make Your Product faster, cheaper and better. Your Production-Stack success starts even before you build your first product. This page contains a library of resources to help you create a successful Direct-to-Consumer Manufacturing-Stack from the ground up.

Manufacturing Ecosystems

Here’s where you’ll learn how the future of manufacturing is ecosystem driven and those that use third parties are more likely to have higher productivity, revenue, and margin than those that try to build and own the entire network. It will also result in smart factories where each facility is connected to another, and to its customers, and the entire supply chain.

Distributed Local Manufacturing

Here’s where you’ll learn how to develop cool products using distributed manufacturing that offer production for very small and very large scale, through information networks that aggregate and coordinate.

Hyper-Local Manufacturing

Learn exactly how to use hyper-local manufacturing to produce products where they are needed using Fabrication Labs, local markets, local procurement and cash transfers. The goal is to avoid waste; commonly created by the usual challenges of minimum orders, stock shortages, spoilage, breakages and wrong orders.

Special Economic Zones

SEZs are zones intended to facilitate rapid economic growth by leveraging tax incentives to attract foreign dollars and technological advancement. This resource will show you exactly how SEZ are impacting new industries, such as high-tech, financial services, tourism, environmental performance, science commercialization, regional development and urban regeneration.

Networks of Smaller Manufacturers

This in-depth resource will show you exactly how the “Smart Manufacturing Leadership Act” introduced by the U.S. Congress in March and July 2017, will provide SMMs with the same opportunity as their larger competitors in the adoption of smart manufacturing technologies and practices.


Learn how to produce small dimension products, step-by-step by using Microfactories opened to the public for rapid prototyping, fabricating components, and product assembly. Businesses are in a position to imagine the future and to build it today, thanks to 5G.

Digital Manufacturing

Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) is a process that produces parts directly from a CAD file. Companies can adopt DDM to: Eliminate the investment in tooling. Remove time lag between design and production. Here’s where you’ll learn how to use Digital Manufacturing to create the smart, customized, On-Demand products consumers want.