A complete guide to Selling Your Products directly-to-consumers. Fortunately, many platforms exist upon which to build an online storefront. In this section you’re going to learn about these strategies (and how to use them). This page contains a library of Transact resources of the Fulfillment-Stack to help you sell your products online.

Storefront Platforms

Here’s where you’ll learn how to build a successful Direct-to-Consumer online store by choosing the best eCommerce Platform that is right for your business.

Plug-and-Pay Payment Gateways

These actionable tips will help you select the best payment gateways to process credit card or direct payments for your Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce store. Includes lots of examples and mistakes to avoid.

Blockchains and Supply Chain

Blockchain opens new horizons for brand transparency, and to build trust at such pivotal moments in consumer culture. Blockchain’s ability to provide “trusted data from untrusted sources”, is disrupting traditional industries and international trade. Learn exactly how to build a winning blockchain strategy here.

In-Feed Shopping Tools

In-Feed shopping tools allow you to connect products from your eCom store, such as Shopify, to various shopping channels. This resource will show you exactly how brands are using these platforms to move visitors from discovery to purchase and turn them into customers quicker.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Recognizing the demand-generating power of physical engagement, numerous online retailers have opened up their own bricks-and-mortar stores. This in-depth resource will show you exactly how physical stores have a role to play, particularly as brands grow.