Internal Risks


Learn exactly how to CONTROL “Company Specific” risks. These Internal Risks contribute the most to increasing relative value between similar businesses. This page contains a library of resources to help you understand how company value is discounted for each risk factor identified & unmitigated.

Owner Dependency

Here’s where you’ll learn how owner dependency is one of the biggest and most common company risks and value destroyers of a business.

Revenue Model

These actionable tips will help you create a recurring revenue stream. This means consistent cash flow and a business that is less affected by change.

Customer Concentration

While a business owner may not perceive this risk, it will not go unnoticed by any potential investor or buyer of the business. Learn exactly how to reduce this risk here.

Poor Online Presence

Your online presence makes a strong impression on how your business and brand are perceived. This resource will show you exactly how having a successful online presence can be one of the biggest increases in company value.

Dependence on Key Employees

Managers or key employees leaving to go with a competitor, start their own business, or divulge company information is a risk that can significantly impact value. This resource will show you exactly how to create mitigate this risk.

Adapting To Change

Entrepreneurs that do not adapt to a changing world go extinct. Those that adopt reap rewards that translate into additional business value.

Financial Strategy

Impact on taxes, financial records, financial ratios, and other metrics tell a lot about a company. They are also critical in determining value. This resource will cover the most important financial strategies.

Entrepreneur Burnout

One of the biggest impacts to value is entrepreneurial burnout. This resource will show you exactly how to plan your business exit well before it causes your business value to decline.

Supplier Dependency

An often overlooked risk is the excessive reliance on a major supplier. This resource will show you exactly how supplier dependency can impact the value of a business.