External Risks


Learn exactly WHEN to exit your business and how External Risks affect exit value. Although you can’t control these risks, you can control the timing of your business exit. This page contains a library of resources to help you be aware and understand how overall economic situations will impact your business valuation.

Industry Conditions

Here’s where you’ll learn how to position your company to make it far more attractive than and more.

Supply of Businesses on the Market

These actionable tips will help you understand simple economics of supply and demand and how it significantly impacts business value, including mistakes to avoid.

Interest Rates & Available Capital

Interest rates have perhaps the greatest overall impact on business valuation than any other external factor. Learn exactly how this impacts both deal structure and valuations.

The National and Local Economy

The local and national economy not only affects your cash flow but also the value of your business. This resource will help you understand where your business stands with the local economy and specific industry.

Other External Factors

This resource will show you exactly how other external risks like new technology, labor, government regulations, political considerations, and other threats can significantly impact business valuation.

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