Direct-To-Consumer Exit-Stack

By the time you want to sell your company, it's too late to maximize its value. So, if you’re looking for advanced exit strategies, want tips on how to mitigate excess risk and maximize value, or tactics to avoid destroyers of value, this is your Exit-Stack hub.

VALUE CREATION | Maximize Business Value
What You Will Learn:

Learn the basics of value creation. Business value is based on the future expected performance (Cash Flow) of a business discounted for the corresponding “Risk” (Fear). In simple terms, in order to increase value, you must first reduce the “fear.”

EXTERNAL RISK | Business Exit Timing
What You Will Learn:

Learn the basics of the “When” you should exit your business. You must be aware and understand how overall economic situations will impact your business valuation. This will help you decide the best time to exit and maximize value.

INTERNAL | Mitigate Company Risks
What You Will Learn:

Learn the basics on “How” to eliminate or mitigate “Company Specific” risks. You must understand how valuation analysts and investment professionals discount overall company value for each risk factor identified and unmitigated.

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