Learn exactly how to Deploy Data To Build Your Direct-to-Consumer Business. One thing is for sure, brands have different marketing goals, consumer are sending different signals and marketers are reaping the benefits of automation. This page contains a library of resources to help you create successful marketing campaigns using data.

Data Storage Management

Here’s where you’ll learn how to manage your data storage and more.


Data optimization is one of the most important skill sets you can acquire. It will help you find similar audiences, understand your customer journey and their cross-device behavior to name a few.


Your data is the most important asset when getting ready to sell your business. This resource will show you different data reporting providers as your business grows.

Data Targeting

This in-depth resource will show you exactly the different ad targeting methods. Including retargeting, geotargeting, contextual and dynamic content to name a few.

Programmatic Buying

This in-depth resource will show you exactly the benefits of programmatic buying and how it helps you increase your marketing reach.

Data Management Platform

This in-depth resource will show you exactly how Data Management Platforms (DMPs) now provide new 5G “the edge” emerging data sources.

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