Learn how to Connect With Consumers using the Attention-Stack's digital marketing strategies. Digital is the modern mass medium and the modern mass marketing. See exactly how to connect with your prospects and customers to build a massive brand. This page contains a library of resources to help you connect with your Direct-to-Consumer market.

Social Media

Here’s where you’ll learn how to use social media marketing to connect with customers, generate awareness, and increase sales.

Paid Ads

These actionable tips will help you develop a low-friction/DIY digital touchpoints with significant reach to consumers.


Learn exactly how this online advertising strategy can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website and increase conversion.


Native advertising matches the platform upon which it appears. This resource will show you exactly how to create videos, articles or editorial ads that don’t really look like ads.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a modern twist of the old celebrity endorsement. This in-depth resource will show you how to get endorsements and product placement from influencers.